Keratin Plus Hair Care

Keratin Plus Hair Care
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 Keratin Plus Hair CareKeratin Plus Hair Care 
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Rich KERATRIX® complex forms a reinforced formula of bioactive components. The complex provides optimal protection of problem areas of the scalp and the hair along the entire length damaged by natural and chemical factors. Arginine and keratin restore the hair structure, preventing delamination of the ends, increase the elasticity and resilience. Product based on arginine delicately smoothes the hair without damaging the surface layer of each hair and enveloping with a protective mantle.

Keratin+ Hair Shampoo

- The restoration shampoo is designed for care for brittle, dull, thin, dehydrated hair with the problem of split ends.
- Reinforced formula of KERATRIX® complex bioactive components intensely nourishes and protects, enhances thickness of hair, giving volume and shine.
- Rehabilitation is possible even for the most problematic hair structure damaged by chemical and natural factors.
- The microcapsules of creatine and arginine in the composition of the product carefully fill microscopic cracks of cuticles, strengthening, moisturizing and saturating them with nutrients.
- Cleanses the hair without damaging the protective layer and providing extra strong restoration of the hair structure.


Keratin+ Hair Conditioner

- The balsam is designed for care for brittle, dull, thin, dehydrated hair with the problem of split ends.
- Gives a radiant shine, softness, fluffiness and silkiness to dry damaged hair.
- Biotin and D-panthenol contained in the balsam promote intensive nourishment, forming the optimal pH balance of the scalp and neutralize the action of hard tap water.
- Actively strengthens the hair with nutrients, increases the diameter - the effect of lamination.
- It has an antistatic effect, provides easy combing.


Revuele Keratin+ Hair Conditioner
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Revuele Keratin+ Hair Shampoo
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