California Scents Bundle

California Scents Bundle
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California Scents Bundle

California Scents- 40g

-Product dimensions :- 7x21x4cm

- California Scents Car Scent
- 60 Days of Long Lasting Fragrance
- Spill Proof Formula with Vented Lid
- Organic and Biodegradable

- Available in this Fragrance :- Balboa Bubblegum, Coronado Cherry, Fresh Linen, Shasta Strawberry, Verri Berry

California Scents Vent Clip Car Air Freshner - 5ml

Product dimension:-19x7.6x6cm

- Car perfumes California Scents in the form of clips into car ventilation.
- These fresheners are an alternative to the very popular fragrance in the can, which excels with its intensity and wonderful scent.
- The aroma is impregnated in a gel that, unlike liquid odor, lasts longer.
- Remove the freshener from the packaging and place it in any ventilation of the car in your car.
- In a moment you can enjoy your favorite fragrance, which lasts for about 30 days.

- Available in this Fragrance: Capistrano Coconut, Emerald Bay

California Scents Xtreme Canister Air Freshener - 30g

Product dimension:-15.4x7.5x12.6cm

- Just open a can of California Car Scent, place under a seat or in a cup holder and you are riding with fresh air for months.
- After 60 days rotate the scent pads and place the cannister in a smaller area.
- It can be used anywhere, car, van, lorry, boat, gym, draws, home and office.
- For maximum strength rotate scent pads comes complete with adjustable vented lid.
- Easy to use.

- Available in this Fragrance: Lightening Linen

California Scents Hanging Palm Tree Air Freshners

Product Dimensions :- 0.6 x 7.6 x 19 cm

Palms Hang-Outs - Free hanging automotive air fresheners are ready to travel. Just hang one on your car’s rear view mirror and enjoy the fresh air for miles.

- High-quality organic fragrance oils that freshen the air
- Great paper air freshener alternative
- Additional appeal to Spanish and French-speaking customers with trilingual packaging
- Recyclable
- Hangs in your car or anywhere else

- Available in this Fragrance:Capistrano Coconut, Coronado Cherry, Laguna Breeze, Newport New Car, Shasta Strawberry

California Scents Peggable Air Freshner - 42g

Product Dimensions :- 13 x 6 x 1cm

- Peggable Air Freshner
- Contains high-quality organic fragrance oils that freshen the air
- Super Strength, last up to 45 days
- Recycleable

- Available in this Fragrance: Balboa Bubblegum, Capistrano Coconut, Concord Cranberry, Monterrey Vanilla, Newport New Car, Santa Barbara Berry, Shasta Strawberry, Coronado Cherry, Ice

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