Crufts Pet Cooling Vests

Crufts Pet Cooling Vests
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 Crufts Pet Cooling VestsCrufts Pet Cooling Vests 
Our Price:  £10.99

PMS Crufts Pet Cooling Vests

- Material: polyester
- Color: blue

PMS Crufts Extra Small Pet Cooling Vest
- EAN - 5050565339775
- RB code : R180404

- Product Dimensions - 13 x 9.8 x 1.1 cm

PMS Crufts Small Pet Cooling Vest
- EAN - 5050565339782
- RB code : R180405

- Product Dimensions - 15 x 11.5 x 1.2 cm

PMS Crufts Small-Medium Pet Cooling Vest
- EAN - 5050565339799
- RB code : R180407

- Product Dimensions - 15 x 14 x 1.4 cm

- High quality, adopts premium dacron to offer antiwear,
- Tear-proof and long-lasting properties.
- The vests light-color also reflects sunrays for additional heat    relief,
- Hook and loop closure, easy on and off.
- The wicking outer layer facilitates evaporation,
- Absorbent middle layer holds water for evaporation
- The soft inner layer transfers a cooling effect to the dog.
- As a pet owner, we understand that on hot summer days          your main concern is keeping your pet comfortable.
- That's why this cooling set is the perfect solution for keeping    your pet from overheating when lounging outside
- Long trips in the car, long walks and even throughout mild        summer nights.
- Use, simply submerge the vest in cold water for 5-8 minutes    and then wring out any excess water.
- The cooling process is now activated and will keep your pet      cool for 4-6 hours.
- After 24 hours the vest will become dry and stiff, simply            submerge in water again to restart the process.

How to Use:
- 1. Soak the cooling clothes with water
- 2. Screw to no dripping and then put on the pet
- 3. After long-term moisture evaporation, water can be kept       to maintain cooling effect

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