Jenson & Clyde Bathroom Bundle

Jenson & Clyde Bathroom Bundle
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Jenson & Clyde Bathroom Bundle

Jenson & Clyde Towel Softener 500ML

Product dimension:-23x7x6.5cm
Package dimension:-23x7x7cm

-An enriching formula that softens and maintains the
absorption of your towels, leaving them delicately
scented, soft with a luxurious finish.
-Ideal to revive old, stiff towels.

Jenson & Clyde Daily Shower Cleaner 500ML

Product dimension:-23x7x6.5cm

-A brilliant daily use product that not only cleans your shower area but also prevents soap scum and mildew stain build-up.

-Itís no scrub or rinse formulation makes it extremely easy to use.

-Simply spray and walk away.
-It is suitable for use on tiles, vinyl, shower
curtains, shower doors and all wet surfaces after
every shower leaving sparkling clean results.

Jenson & Clyde Anti Bacterial Bathroom Cleaner 500ML

Product dimension:-23x7x6.5cm
Package dimension:-23x7x7cm

-The fast-acting and powerful formula will effectively
remove limescale, soap stains and watermarks from
bathroom floors, tiles, basins, showers, baths,
toilets, sinks, and fixtures.

Jenson & Clyde All Purpose Appliance Descaler 500ML

Product dimension:-23x7x6.5
Package dimension:-23x7x7cm

-Scale can affect many household appliances by
building upon electrical elements and locking
vital parts.
-Appliances become less effective, more costly to
run and with element life shortened.
-Problem Solved All Purpose Descaler effectively
removes built up minerals and limescale deposits
from appliances such as irons, kettles, coffee
makers and showerheads.

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