Cleaning & Laundry

Persil Family Pack 130 Wash Bio +Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner Fresh Sky90

- Product Dimension : 60 x 60 x 60 x
- Cleans tough stains even in a quick wash.
- Kind and gentle next to skin.
- We're doing our bit for the environment.
- Works well on greasy & oily stains.
- Works well on quicker and cooler programmes.
-Comfort Intense Fresh Sky Fabric Conditioner 90W 1.35L. From just one tiny dose Comfort IntenseFresh Sky Fabric Conditioner 1.35L gives you intensely fresh clothes straight out of the wash.
-Every drop is super-concentrated with special technology that releases wave after wave of long
-Long lasting fragrance that stays even after your clothes come out of the wardrobe.
-Thanks to its ultra-concentrated formula, you only need to use a tiny dose of Comfort Intense to get maximum freshness from every wash. This small but mighty range of fabric softeners come in newsmaller bottles that give you amazing fragrance with less waste for the environment.