60 Washes Persil Washing Capsules

60 Washes Persil Washing Capsules
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Type: BioType: Non BioType: ColourType: 60 Wash Persil  Capsules with Laundry bag
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Product Dimension:- W50*H50*L50

Packaged in a handy pouch, Persil Non-Bio Washing Capsules offer convenience, a gentle formula, and Stain removal. These laundry capsules are a great product for a quick and easy laundry routine. We've popped them in a pouch instead of a tub to reduce plastic, and given you some extra washes in return.

Tough on stains, gentle next to skin
Suitable for Sensitive Skin
Approved by the British Skin Foundation and dermatologically tested
Easy to use one capsule is equal to one wash
Handy pouch to keep in cupboards
Available in Bio, Non bio and Colour

How to use:- For best results when using Persil Non-Bio Washing Capsules, follow these instructions. Place the capsule at the back of the drum before adding the laundry. The capsule packet is designed to dissolve in water, so there’s no need to rip, tear or pierce the capsule film. Only use one Persil capsule per load, and check the washing capsules’ packet for instructions on the temperature to select. Remember to store Persil washing capsules in a locked cupboard or on a high shelf, out of the reach of children or pets.

Always check clothing care labels before washing and take care not to overload your washing machine. For wool washes or delicate cycles, use Persil Silk and Wool.

- Available  in 60 Wash Persil  Capsules with  laundry bag

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