BUY 3 Comfort Creations Fabric Conditioner With BUY 3 Persil Powercaps Non Bio

BUY 3 Comfort Creations Fabric Conditioner With BUY 3 Persil Powercaps Non Bio
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Persil Powercaps Non-Bio With Comfort Waterlily & Lime Conditioner, 50 & 55 Wash

Persil Non Bio Powercaps, 50 Washes

TRIPLE ACTION CLEANING : All you need is one single Persil capsule to deliver 3 key benefits - hypoallergenic, cleaning power and long lasting freshness to give your clothes the great wash they deserve.

POWERFUL STAIN REMOVAL : Persil capsules deliver great stain removal for stains like mud and grass, they're also designed to be gentle on skin. You'll find enough capsules in this pack for up to 30 washes per pack.

EASY & CONVENIENT TO USE : These laundry capsules are a great product for a quick and easy laundry routine. Just follow these easy steps to get those great results you desire. There's no pouring or measuring; instead each laundry capsule is individually packaged with the correct dose of detergent.

EFFICIENT : With improved resealable packaging Persil washing capsules are designed with the whole family in mind and it will leave the whole family with fresh, clean clothes.

Key Features :
-Triple Action formula removes stains, cares for your clothes and intensify freshness.
-Double the stain removal power per drop.
-In a convenient pre-dosed format.
-Perfect next to sensitive skin.
-Dissolves fast to get to work quickly.
-Easy-to-use laundry detergent powercaps.
-Recognised by the British Skin Foundation.

How To Use : 
Simply place 1-2 Persil capsules (depending on load size and water hardness) at the back of your washing machine drum before adding your clothes on top. For the best results, add fabric conditioner to the detergent drawer before washing as usual.

Ingredients : 15-30%: Anionic surfactants, Nonionic surfactants, Soap. <5%: Optical brighteners, Perfume, Phosphonates, Polycarboxylates, Coumarin.

Warnings :
Do not rip, tear or pierce the capsules - the outer layer will dissolve in the wash.
Avoid contact with eyes and. In case of contact with eyes rinse them with warm water.
As we are always looking to improve our products, formulations change from time to time, always check the product packaging before use.

Comfort Creations Waterlily and Lime Fabric Conditioner, 55 Wash

Blended by perfume experts, the fresh fragrance of Comfort Creations Waterlily and Lime fabric softener is ideal for a crisp, clean laundry. We’ve brought together the scents of soft and sweet Waterlily and sharp, citrus Lime to invigorate your washing.

-Blended by perfume experts, Comfort Creations Waterlily & Lime Fabric Conditioner 55 Wash 1.925L contains fantastic fragrances made to delight your senses
-Each washes locks in an invigorating Waterlily and Lime scent, giving you 100% more fragrance in every drop (Versus Comfort Pure)
-Use alongside laundry detergent in every washes to give clothes super softness and lasting freshness
-Works wonders on fabric fibres making them quicker to dry and perfect for easy ironing
-Helps maintain colour and shine to help clothes stay looking their best for longer

Ingredients : 
5 - 15% Cationic Surfactants,<5% Perfume, Amyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Citronellol, Coumarin, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, Benzisothiazolinone

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