Envie Zippered Mesh Laundry Wash Bags

Envie Zippered Mesh Laundry Wash Bags
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Colour: Pink,  Type: Envie Socks Wash BagColour: Pink,  Type: Envie Underwear Wash BagColour: Pink,  Type: Envie Bra Wash BagColour: Pink,  Type: Envie Coat Wash Bag
Colour: Pink,  Type: Envie Trousers Wash BagColour: White,  Type: Envie Socks Wash BagColour: White,  Type: Envie Underwear Wash BagColour: White,  Type: Envie Bra Wash Bag
Colour: White,  Type: Envie Coat Wash BagColour: White,  Type: Envie Trousers Wash Bag
Our Price:  £71.99

Bar Code:  5056184018893

Envie Zippered Mesh Laundry Wash Bags

Envie Socks Wash Bag
Product Dimension:-22x18cm
Material: Polyester

Envie Underwear Wash Bag
Product Dimension:-21x21cm
Material: Polyester

Envie Bra Wash Bag
Product Dimension:-21x18cm
Material: Polyester

Envie Coat Wash Bag
Product Dimension:-35x27x9cm
Material: Polyester

Envie Trousers Wash Bag
Product Dimension:-32x25x25cm
Material: Polyester

-zipper design, convenient for you to put the
clothes in or take them out
-clothes printed on the bag, easy to order and
recognize your clothes
-thickened double layer bag , protect your
clothes from damage
-mesh to distribute water regularly and save
more time

Envie Socks Wash Bag- White
RB Code:-R177636

Envie Socks Wash Bag- Pink
RB Code:-R177637

Envie Underwear Wash Bag- White
RB Code:-R177638

Envie Underwear Wash Bag- Pink
RB Code:-R177639

Envie Bra Wash Bag- White
RB Code:-R177640

Envie Bra Wash Bag- Pink
RB Code:-R177641

Envie Coat Wash Bag-White
RB Code:-R177642

Envie Coat Wash Bag- Pink
RB Code:-R177643

Envie Trousers Wash Bag- White
RB Code:-R177644

Envie Trousers Wash Bag- Pink
RB Code:-R177645

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