Nitrile Gloves - Pack of 100

Nitrile Gloves - Pack of 100
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Nitrile Gloves - Pack of 100

Product dimension:- 19.8x11x7.6cm
Material:- Nitrile Rubber

Long, angle-cut cuff gloves are a customized solution to reduce risks of food contamination and provide extra protection to your hands while performing different tasks. These gloves are widely used in the food industry and are also designed for use in other fields like maintenance, cleaning, painting, safety, etc. Featuring a long cuff, the gloves act as a shield to your hands, protecting them from contact with oils, toxic chemicals, corrosives, stains, germs, and more.

-Finest quality, close-fitting gloves are ideal for tasks of a precise nature
-Exceptional strength coupled with superior flexibility, maximizing dexterity and sensitivity
-Textured surface offers a more secure grip, especially when working in wet or oily conditions
-Strong beaded cuffs prevent the risk of tearing when donning
-Non-allergenic & non-irritating. Excellent fit & dexterity for fine tasks

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