Magnetic Therapy Posture Support Top

Magnetic Therapy Posture Support Top
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 Magnetic Therapy Posture Support TopMagnetic Therapy Posture Support Top 
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Magnetic Therapy Posture Support Top

Product dimension : 16x9x2cm
Magnetic Massage for shoulders and back support for correct posture Relieves stress on back Adjustable with a velcro strap that fastens around the front Great for the relief of muscle pain and lightweight size unisex contains 12 - 800 gauss magnets on the back, easy to wear headband adjusts easily the desired voltage hand washable material The magnets are strategically positioned for adjust the spine particularly suitable for young people who are bad posture like for example in front of the PC also ideal for those who practice sports type weights. Helps reduce back pain and central support in the lumbar region. 

Designed to pull back shoulders, straighten head, and align spine, Helps loosen up those tight back muscles and reduce back pain, Supports the upper back and improves posture

Magnets aid the easing of back pain, Top Magnet Posture Back Shoulder Corrector Support Black Brace Belt Adjustable, Say goodbye to aching back pain and slouching shoulders

Stretchable, comfortable fabric makes this suitable for use during exercise and during your usual day to day activities. 12 strategically placed magnets target the spine and lumbar region.

Starting with 15-30 minutes of use two times a day. Wear under a blouse or shirt,when you go out with a straight posture, you will look confident, healthy and looked younger.

Fully Adjustable with Best Materials & Neoprene Won't cut off your circulation or make your hands go numb like other poor harness products can. Soft traction is the key to training your body & keeping your Head Up & Naturally Aligned.

Just put on the posture corrector, adjust and tighten the waist strap gently, then pull the shoulder strap down to your comfy tightness and paste the Velcro on both shoulder straps and waist straps to fix on, easy for you to adjust like a backpack and wear on.

Corrects posture, pull the shoulders back, neck and moving the head and spine alignment. Adjustable brace is invisible under clothing, Contains 12 magnets to help alleviate the pain and the lower back area. This product provides relief of discomfort and pain caused by different diseases, the rammollimento cartilage, arthritis or inflammation of the joints of the spine the back, the local effect of magnets, thereby stimulate the points biologically active and improves blood circulation, reduces the pain and swelling. That is because the tape is effective in reducing the pain and restore mobility.

Key Features :
Helps to ease pain and corrects poor posture.
Designed to pull back shoulders, straighten head, and align spine.
Includes 12 magnets to target the spine and lumbar region.
Lightweight and can be worn under clothing.
Can be used during exercise.
Improve your posture.
Comfortable and fully adjustable.
Magnets aid the easing of back pain.

Product Specifications :
Brand : Aquarius
Materials : Neoprene 
Fits waist Size : 32.5" - 40"
Shoulder Size : 12.5" - 20"
Available Color : Black, White
Product Dimensions : 26x15x4cm

RB code:-R140327

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