Bamboo Drinking Straws With Cleaning Brush

Bamboo Drinking Straws With Cleaning Brush
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Bamboo Drinking Straws With Cleaning BrushBamboo Drinking Straws With Cleaning BrushBamboo Drinking Straws With Cleaning Brush
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Bamboo Drinking Straws With Cleaning Brush

Product dimensions :- 20x6x2cm
Product Material:- Bamboo

Each bamboo straw is 100% organic. Upgrade to an eco-friendlier lifestyle by switching from petroleum-derived plastic straws to natural straws. The bamboo straws are washable and reused many times. Finally, the straws are compostable. So, they will never ever end up polluting the environment. Bamboo drinking straws are durable and can even be used by kids. The bamboo straws are odorless and tasteless, so you can enjoy your drinks without off-flavors. Bamboo is a natural material. Based in Vietnam, The Vietnamese local workers are fairly paid while creating high-quality reusable straws drinking to replace plastic straws or even glass straws or grass straws if you are not a big fan of those options. We hope to create more works for the Vietnam community with our zero-waste products.


-Natural drinking straws by The Daily Bamboo are certified with SGS and qualified to export to the US, UK, and Australian markets.
-Each eco-friendly and reusable straw was put through several steps under strict supervision from harvesting to cleaning and thorough grinding to meet the food safety requirement.
-Based in Vietnam, Daily Bamboo is proud to manufacture and distribute 100% biodegradable straws to customers worldwide. 
-One of the main differences between The Daily Bamboo wide straws and others is how smooth, bright, and light they are.
-Each bamboo straws set has mixed sizes for any drinks you can think of, from boba tea, coffee, smoothies to hot chocolate.
-These reusable straws are handmade, All details are well adjusted.
-Unlike grass straws or paper straws which are easy to be softened and only used for 1 time, The Daily Bamboo straws are reusable.

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