Phillips Alkaline AA and AAA Batteries Pk 3

Phillips Alkaline AA and AAA Batteries Pk 3
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 Type: 3x PHILLIPS Ultra Alkaline AAA LR03 Batteries 8 PackType: 3x PHILLIPS Ultra Alkaline AA LR6 Batteries 8 Pack 
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Phillips Alkaline AA and AAA Batteries

Product Dimension:- 5x1x1cm
Material:- 0% Cadmium, Mercury, Lead.

Phillips Ultra Alkaline AAA LR03 Batteries 8 Pack 

If you are need long lasting batteries at a super cheap price,then these Philips Powerlife AAA 8x battery pack is just what you need.This set of 8 AAA alkaline batteries by Philips wil keep those Tv remotes & toys going for a while.Meaning you won't have to replace the batteries every week.PHILLIPS Ultra Power alkaline AAA batteries have up to 100% more power.Powercheck allows you to check remaining power at a glance, avoiding unnecessary interruptions. 
While Phillips Power Preserve technology keeps unused batteries fresh and powered for up to 10 years in ambient storage.
Phillips Ultra Power has up to 100% more power for all devices, giving you reliable and long-lasting performance in a broad range of everyday devices. Phillips Ultra Power battery uses unique. Powercheck technology that lets you test the remaining power.Great quality, Long shelf life and great value,Used in toys & games, remote controls, electronic appliances & devices an essential requirement for all homes, offices, workplaces, schools etc. Phillips Ultra Power AAA Alkaline Batteries LR03 1.5V Battery 8 Pack.

Key Features :
High quality.
Range always up-to-date.
PHILLIPS Range - Ultra Power.
Battery Size - AAA.
Number of Batteries - 8.
Battery Type - Alkaline.
Safely packed.

Package Included : Phillips Power Alkaline AAA Long Lasting Batteries 8 Pack.

Phillips Ultra Alkaline AA LR6 Batteries 8 Pack 

Phillips Ultra Alkaline AA batteries are 6x better than average Zinc Carbon. These Philips batteries are guaranteed free from harmful heavy metals such as Cadmium, Mercury and Lead. Phillips Ultra Alkaline offers a complete portfolio consisting of the most frequently used batteries(AA, AAA, C, D, 9V)in different packaging variations in order to meet your needs.Phillips Ultra Alkaline batteries are six times better than average Zinc Carbon batteries.Philips Alkaline batteries contain 0% Cadmium, Mercury, Lead.Complete range which means a battery for every need.Compared to zinc-carbon and zinc-chloride batteries,Phillips Ultra Alkaline Batteries have a long service life (up to 7 years) and also has protection against leakage.This is a 1.5V LR06 battery. There are 8 units in the blister pack. The battery contains anti-leakage protection and can be used at temperatures ranging from -20°C to + 60°C.The Phillips Ultra Alkaline AA Battery is a great choice for use in portable electronic devices.If you want maximum performance and a long service life, this battery is just for you. It is made with high-quality materials and ensures reliable operation of all devices.

Product Specifications :
1.5 Voltage  
Article type Alkaline.
Battery type Disposable.
Number of batteries included 8 pieces. 

Key features :
Eight alkaline AA batteries.
Top performance.
For everyday use.
Shelf life up to 7 years.
Operation under different conditions.

Package Include : Phillips Power Alkaline Long Lasting Power Batteries, AAx8

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