Revuele Body Wrap Exfoliating Scrub

Revuele Body Wrap Exfoliating Scrub
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Type: Hot Honey Body WrapType: Body Exfoliant Vanilla LatteType: Chocolate Body Wrap
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Hot Honey Body Wrap

- Honey wrap treatment is aimed at fighting edematous cellulite and overweight.
- It tones and strengthens vessel walls, reduces the symptoms of varicose veins, eliminates the "orange peel" effect, increases skin tightness and elasticity and reduces body size.
- During the treatment excess moisture flows out of the tissues, excess fluid is removed and metabolism is normalized.

Body Exfoliant Vanilla Latte

- The natural exfoliants softly remove keratinized cells and do not overdry, irritate or traumatize your skin.
- The rich thick texture contains antioxidants which fight skin laxity and smooth out the skin surface; they also stimulate detoxication and have anti-cellulite lymphatic drainage action in problem areas.
- A regular exfoliating routine can noticeably smooth out and rejuvenate your skin.
- The invigorating boost delivered by the fragrant coffee coupled with the sweet vanilla wakens the tired skin cells, renovates and charges you with energy.

Chocolate Body Wrap

- Chocolate wrap stimulates fat splitting, has a drainage effect and saturates your skin cells with all needed vitamins and microelements.
- It helps fight stretch marks and skin surface relief and evens out your silhouette.
- This treatment has anti-stress activity delivered by the pleasant natural chocolate fragrance.
- Your skin becomes smooth, soft and moisturized.

Product dimensions 8.5x7.5 cm
Capacity 300ml

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