Tobar Scentos Colored Pencils and Twistable Crayons

Tobar Scentos Colored Pencils and Twistable Crayons
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 Pack: Tobar Scentos Coloured Pencils 12pkPack: Tobar Scentos Twistable Crayons 8pk 
Our Price:  £9.99

Bar Code:  8463760405157

Tobar Scentos Colored Pencils and Twistable Crayons

Package Dimensions :- 42x25.6x5.4cm

Product Dimensions 

Tobar Scentos Coloured Pencils    20.4x9.2x1cm
Tobar Scentos Twistable Crayons  20x8.7x1.2cm

Material :- colored wax,charcoal,chalk,graphite,wood

- Enjoy twelve beautiful colors and fragrances, with a twelve    pack Scentos' scented colored pencils.
- Treat your senses while you draw with our nontoxic, long        lasting scent technology, sure to inspire the artist in anyone.
- Ideal for making doodles, drawings, and colouring
- A specific fruity scent is assigned for each pencil
- Ideal gift for children who loves drawing and colouring
- Pack of eight scented crayons with a twisting base that           pushes up the crayon so it's ready to use.
- There are eight different colours in the pack, each with its       own distinct fruity scent.
- Simply twist the end to reveal a crayon, then use it to draw    or colour in a picture.
- Sniff the page to experience the absolutely amazing               aromas!
- The sweet scents of the crayons are so strong, they can         even be smelled through the packaging (which states "           Smell me")
   allowing customers to experience the powerful fruity scents     that will convince them to make a purchase.

- Tobar Scentos Colored Pencils Color & Scent:                        Red/Strawberry, Orange/Orange Creamsicle, Yellow-              Orange/Peach, Yellow/Banana, Green/Green Apple,
  Blue/Blueberry, Maroon/Raspberry, Purple/Passion Fruit,        Pink/Bubble Gum, Dark Pink/Watermelon,                              Brown/Chocolate,Black/Black Cherry

- Scentos Twistable Crayons by Tobar Features scents from      Green Apple, Strawberry, Blueberry, Orange Creamsicle,        Lemon, Bubble Gum, Blackberry, and Grapes

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