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How To Redeem A Groupon Voucher

If you have purchased a voucher for one of our products through Groupon, you can redeem it here. Please follow the step by step instructions below:

  1. Select the product you have purchased through Groupon. You can view the list of all Groupon deal items here
  2. Add the item to your cart
  3. Click to checkout
  4. In the checkout, please enter your 'Groupon code' to apply the discount. You will find this code in the email sent to you by Groupon after the deal ended
  5. Once you have entered your code successfully, your discount should be applied and your balance for the product will be £0. You will only need to pay the delivery charge that is applicable on your item
  6. Enter your customer details and complete the delivery payment
  7. Once payment has gone through successfully, your order is complete and we will send you an order confirmation via email

Hints & Tips If Your Code Isn't Working

  • Check that you have selected the correct product that you ordered through Groupon. Your code will only work for the product you have purchased and not any other product
  • Check that you are entering the correct code. The code will be several digits long - please check you have entered all digits correctly. Please do not confuse '0' with 'O' in your code
  • Check that the code you have entered is the 'Groupon Code' and not the 'Security code'. The Groupon code is printed on the left of your voucher and the 'Security code' is printed on the right
  • Check the quantity in your basket. Only one code can be used per transaction 
Where to Find Your Groupon Code
  • Groupon will send you an email after you purchase a deal, which contains your 'Voucher Code' within the body of the email
  • Attached to this same email will be the PDF version of the voucher, which also has the code printed on it. Below is an example extract from a voucher which shows where you can find the code