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Product dimension:16.5x7.8x4.5cm

1x Revuele Slim & Detox - Bust Modeling Gel 200ml

-improves muscle tone, making skin more elastic and
-restores skin tone and elasticity
-It contains Lipomoist complex which takes care of
the breast skin and restores collagen responsible
for skin tone.
-promotes lymph flow and toxins removal
-The active components of the gel prevent the
formation of stretch marks and give the skin a
slight glow, making it smoother, younger and more

1x Revuele Slim & Detox - Firming Gel 200ml

-improves muscle tone, making skin more elastic and
-restores skin tone and elasticity
-promotes lymph flow and toxins removal
-moisturizes and gives softness
-speeds up the metabolism, removes excess liquid
from the tissues, correcting the silhouette

1x Revuele Slim & Detox - Correcting Gel 200ml

-The product is a two-phase gel wrap for effective
figure correction in problem areas, as well as for
improving the overall skin tone, reducing the
appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.
-Due to the presence of camphor and menthol, the
product combines the active heating and
simultaneous cooling.
-Grape seed extract helps detoxify the metabolic
processes and is a powerful antioxidant.

1x Revuele Slim & Detox - Anti Cellulite Cream 200ml

-The cream mask contains kaolin and hydrolyzed
elastin, allowing to adjust the contours of the
body, without the appearance of stretch marks and
-Since the synthesis of collagen and elastin is
greatly reduced by 30 years, to preserve the
elasticity of the skin it is necessary to maintain
their level in the body.
-lastin included in the product is well absorbed by
the skin, has a humectant capacity, restores
elasticity of the skin tissues, and improves overall
skin tone.

1x Revuele Slim & Detox - Sculpturing Cream 200ml

Revuele is a brand with proven quality in the world of cosmetics and skin care.

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