Braun Series 7-7898cc Electric Shaver for Men with Travel Case - Silver

Braun Series 7-7898cc Electric Shaver for Men with Travel Case - Silver
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Braun Series 7-7898cc Electric Shaver for Men with Travel Case - Silver

Product Dimention : 16x11x7cm

The Braun Series 7 is the atmost electric shaver that reads and adapts to your beard, with built-in Responsive Intelligence 
for a close and gentle shave. A 100 Percent waterproof electric razor, it can be used to
 shave dry or with water, foam or gel. It features a skin-friendly precision trimmer to help you easily reach difficult areas, like under 
your nose or sideburns. Five personalisation modes allow you to shave with the power that suits you and it works cordlessly for 50 minutes 
on just an hour's charge. The world's only four-action alcohol-based clean and charge station selects cleaning function, cleans, lubricates and
 charges at the touch of a button - so your shaver feels like new every day. Premium travel case with brush included to take with you on the go.

- For wet and dry use.
- 1 hour charge time for 60 minutes usage.
- 5 minutes quick-charge time to provide enough power for one shave.
- Fully washable.
- Foil system.
- Contain 6(six) iteams.
- Attechment holders.
- This product includes a 2-pin EU plug, compatible with most UK 2-pin bathroom plug sockets.
- Includes a atrective carry pouch for travel.
- Rechargeable battery & mains powered.

Accessories included:
Electric shaver, Clean&Charge station,
fabric travel case, Smart plug, cleaning brush and Attechment holders

Safety Warning :

Your shaving system is provided with a special cord set, which has an integrated Safety Extra Low Voltage power supply. 
Do not exchange or tamper with any part of it, otherwise there is risk of an electric shock. Only use the special cord set 
provided with your appliance. If the appliance is marked 492, you can use it with any Braun power supply coded 492-XXXX. 
Do not shave with a damaged foil or cord. This appliance is suitable for cleaning under running water and use in a bathtub or shower. For
 safety reasons it can only be operated cordless. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with 
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction 
concerning the safe use of the appliance and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user 
maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are older than 8 years and supervised. To prevent the cleaning fluid from leaking, ensure
 that the Clean&Renew station is placed on a flat surface. When a cleaning cartridge is installed, do not tip, move suddenly or transport 
the station in any way as cleaning fluid might spill out of the cartridge. Do not place the station inside a mirror cabinet, nor over a radiator, nor
 place it on a polished or lacquered surface. The cleaning cartridge contains a highly flammable liquid so keep it away from sources of ignition. 
Do not smoke near the station. Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Do not refill the cartridge and use only original Braun refill cartridges

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