Bronzie The Ultimate Back and Body Exfoliation Mitt

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Bronzie The Ultimate Back and Body Exfoliation Mitt

Package Dimension: 23x14x4cm
Material: Terylene

The Back & Body Exfoliating Mitt is the ideal accessory for fake tanning preparation and removal, or for reinvigorating your skin. These mitts will leave your skin feeling smooth, clean, and glowing.

Specially designed to be gentle on the skin, it naturally cleanses, detoxifies, and removes impurities with an innovative charcoal infusion.

You can either use these exfoliating mitts on their own or you can use them as part of a new or existing tanning regime.

How to Use:
-This can be carried out standing in the bath/shower or sitting in the bath.
-Lather your skin with warm water and soap, then rinse your skin to remove the excess product.
-Wet the mitt ends and squeezes out any excess water.
-Bring the middle section under your first leg with each hand in each mitt and massage the skin in round circular motions. Repeat the same on the other leg
-Continue this from your thighs up to your tummy, arms, chest, and tops of shoulders.

Ingredients: Terylene, Polyurethane foam, Charcoal, Rubber/PP thread

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