Bunion Foot Care Bundle

Bunion Foot Care Bundle
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 Bunion Foot Care BundleBunion Foot Care Bundle 
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Orthopedic Foot Bunion Corrector will gently realign toes to their natural position.
Material: plastic, leather and nylon

Dimensions: 12 x 5 x 3 cm

- Anatomically fit metatarsal curve and toe provide comfort and fit
- Adjustable straps system lines toe toes. Double straps system stabilizes the mid-arch of the foot
- Padded hinged splint protects the irritated tissue and absorbs pressure
- Adjustable metatarsal cushion relieves pain in the joints of the feet, optimizing the pressure distribution
- Made from high quality medical grade material to provide maximum relief
- Fits all sizes and can be enjoyed by men and women alike
- Wear it around the house during normal activities or in bed while asleep

Bunion Aid Splint Straightener Corrector

Prouduct dimensions :- 17x10x.25cm
Materials :- Plastic sheet + magic sticker + foam sheet + metal ring

- Researched and professionally designed
- Washable and reusable
- Bunion splint fits all foot sizes with its 2 adjustable straps
- Bunion corrector is comfortable when worn during the day or overnight
- Helps to stabilize the arches
- Soft bunion pad cushions the bunion area
- Effective in bunion relief and pain prevention
- Hinged design doesn't hinder mobility

Bunion Gel pads (1 Pair)

Product dimension:-10x10x2cm
Material:- Silicone

-The straighteners gives much needed relief
from excruciating bunion pain and cushions
-The straighteners gently helps to realign
toes and prevent hallux valgus
-Enriched with mineral oil and soothing aloe
vera which prevents friction and pressure
around the bunion joint
-Flexible design, one size fits most

Silicone Bunion Toe Separator
package dimensions 7*5*2cm
product dimensions 7.5*4.5cm

Material: Silicone

- The straighteners gently helps to realign toes and prevent hallux valgus
- Give much needed relief from excruciating bunion pain and cushions the pressure on the other toes
- Enriched with mineral oil & soothing aloe vera which prevents friction & pressure around the bunion joint
- Flexible design, one size fits all

Orthopedic Bunion Corrector Toes Separator
Product dimensions :- 13x9x2cm
Material :- nylon fabric + silicone gel

EAN:- 5056184005091

Correct Toes - 1 Pair The Newest Silicone Hallux Valgus Braces Big Blackmailed Orthopedic Correction Socks Toes Separator Feet Care - Toe Separators - Treat your feet with our carefully selected 7 pieces set. The package is designed for bunion Corrector and bunion relief. One Size Fits Most Feet. Relieve your pain, treat your bunion, reduce friction between your toes and enjoy walking again. Separate, straighten, stretch and align your toes. A unique solution for your foot problems. Cure the pain in big toe joint, tailors bunion, Hallux Valgus and much more. Made from 100% medical grade silicone. Premium quality and perfect fit, soft and stretchable - easy to clean & reuse.

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