Complete Revuele Face Mask Selection

Complete Revuele Face Mask Selection
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Green Mask - Relax Cryo Face Mask
Product dimensions :- 15x5x3.5cm
- Menthol enriched green mask, intended for acne treatment. It contains active agents which provide in-depth cleansing of the facial skin, providing it with elasticity and brightness.
- Green clay cleans the deep layers of the skin, narrows the skin pores and regulates sebum production, providing the skin with the matte effect.
- The mask contains zinc oxide which regenerates the cells and Bisabolol which restores the skin's natural shine.
- Kryocomplex, based on menthol and lavender, has a cooling and relaxing effect.

Black Mask - Express Detox Face Mask
Product dimensions :- 15x5x3.5cm
- Black mask with active carbon intended for deep cleansing of the skin of the face. Micro-activated carbon particles efficiently prevent the effect of impurities and toxins on the surface of the skin.
- Active coal significantly contributes to regeneration of the cells and regulates sebum secretion, thus preventing the appearance of acne.

Gold Mask - Anti Age Active Face Mask
Product dimensions :- 15x5x3.5cm
- Gold mask for face-lifting. The active COVA B TROX complex delivers an immediate lifting effect, effectively reversing the process of skin aging. Through mask usage, the skin becomes tightened and layered with a protective microfilm.
- One of the ingredients of the mask is collagen which penetrates the deeper layers of the dermis, increasing elasticity and slowing down premature skin aging.
Vitamin B5 regenerates and nourishes skin cells, returning the natural skin brightness.

White Mask - Collagen Lifting Face Mask
Product dimensions :- 15x5x3.5cm
- White lifting face mask, smoothes the skin and shrinks open pores. This lifting and maximum moisturising agent is based on Collagen, Elastin and white Clay. The deep penetration into the layers of the dermis helps to increase the elasticity and the strenght of the skin, restores the water balance, prevents from premature aging.
- The White Clay perfectly cleanses and smooths the skin, helps to narrow the pores in order to achieve even, matt complexion. The Zinc Oxide regenerates the cells, actively renews the skin, dries and soothes the problematic areas. The Allantoin softens, moisturies and regenerates the skin.

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