Envie Jade Two Ended Face Massage Roller

Envie Jade Two Ended Face Massage Roller
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Envie Jade Two Ended Face Massage Roller

Product dimension:-14.4x5.5x2cm

Facial rolling is a popular facial massage technique that promotes a healthy, glowing complexion. Introducing Filone Jade Roller Massager. This roller is specifically designed to enhance your natural beauty by stimulating circulation while de-puffing, lifting, and sculpting your face. This ancient Chinese tool is used to scrape the skin and gently to promote blood circulation. It naturally drains the lymph node thus reducing puffy eyes and face. Jade rollers carry healing energy that brings harmony and balance and assists in blood stimulation and collagen boosting. This jade facial roller is made from 100% precious healing crystal that releases facial tension and gets rid of negative energy.


Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces puffiness
Reduces dark circles
Relieves facial stress
Facilitates blood circulation
Helps your skin glow
Tones and Tightens skin


The roller is on the aesthetics of based on the face curve.
Fine workmanship, when returning repeated grinding and polishing.
It smooth and it doesn't hurt your skin.
Massage away the large roller head from the bottom-up across the growth direction of the skin to enhance the skin and sagging muscles.
With a small roller, the head is the peri Orbital range from the inside massages, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
The length of the handle is Vernünftiger and the handle is comfortable.
This beauty massager is made from natural jade gemstone.
A long time can help to eliminate your skin wrinkles and spots to delay the aging of the skin.


-Available colors:- Green, White

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