Orthopedic Foot Bunion Corrector

Orthopedic Foot Bunion Corrector
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Orthopedic Foot Bunion CorrectorOrthopedic Foot Bunion CorrectorOrthopedic Foot Bunion Corrector
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Orthopedic Foot Bunion Corrector

Product Dimensions: 12x5x3 cm
Material: plastic, leather and nylon

STRAIGHTENS TOE, ELIMINATES BUNIONS. Experts say a slightly crooked big toe is the cause of most painful bunions. This pair of improved design Orthopedic Bunion Splints from Massner provides strong support for your foot and big toe. Wear overnight to bring toe back into proper alignment while relieving bunions.

MEDICAL GRADE FOAM makes comfortable, antibacterial padding to relieve bunions while straightening big toe. You will feel instant relief in your toe and foot. You get effective pressure distribution for hallux valgus relief. Bunions no longer send throbbing pain when walking or standing.

NO NEED FOR CHEMICALS OR SURGERY treatment thanks to this smart doctor recommended method for eliminating the cause of bunions. This relieves the conditions that cause bunions to form. All while allowing existing bunions to heal and disappear.

ONE SIZE FITS MOST. 13-18cm is just the right size with included adjustable foot strap to perfectly fit women, men, youth, and children. Use the strap to adjust for comfortable, effective pressure. Works well for any stage of Bunyan pain from mild to severe.


-Orthopedic Foot Bunion Corrector will gently realign toes to their natural position.
-Anatomically fit metatarsal curve and toe provide comfort and fit
-Adjustable straps system lines toe toes. The double straps system stabilizes the mid-arch of the foot
-Padded hinged splint protects the irritated tissue and absorbs pressure
-Adjustable metatarsal cushion relieves pain in the joints of the feet, optimizing the pressure distribution

RB Code :- R159353
EAN :- 5056184001406

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