Heater Bundle

Heater Bundle
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Status Convector Heater, 2000Watt

Product dimension : 42x58x20cm

Material: ABS plastic

- Status convection heater comes with three heat settings.
- An adjustable thermostat and 2000 W through a safe and efficient ceramic heating block.
- With a carry handle, power indicator light, safety cut out and overheat protection you'll have both convenient heating where you want it and peace of mind.
- Automatic temperature control.

Jocca White Halogen Medium Heater

Product Dimensions: 41x27x8.5cm 1180g

Material: Plastic

Compact design with high heat intensity due to 2 independently integrated quartz tubes. It has 2 power stages and a frontal safety grille. It also has a carrying handle for easy transport, foldable for easy storage and non-overturn safety system.

-Voltage: 220-240V
-Uniform high-intensity heat - two (2) independently incorporated quartz tubes
-Two (2) power levels
-Frontal safety grid
-Handle for easy carrying
-Foldable and compact design for easy storage
-Non-overturn safety system

Status Dual Position Portable Fan Heater, 2000 Watt

Product dimension : 34.5x25x12cm

- 2 Heat Settings 1000w / 2000w
- Adjustable Thermostat
- Overheat protection
- Dual position
- Power indicator light
- Power Source:-Electric

GVC Convector Heater With Turbo Timer Black
Product dimensions :- 52x38x11cm

Material: ABS plastic

- The Great Value Company Turbo Convector Heater has 3 heat settings.
- 2KW Convector Heater 3 Heat settings 750/1250/2000 Watts
- Turbo Boost allows super-fast heat distribution

Jocca Convector heater

Dimensiones : 58 x 14 x 39.50 cm
Material : Iron

- 3 heat positions
- Adjustable room temperature thermostat
- Operation indicator light
- Safety protection against overheating
- 220-240V ~ 50Hz

GVC Oil Heater With Radiator

Product dimensions :- 37x24x13.5cm

Material: PVC plastic

- This portable oil filled radiator is the perfect solution to warm up a home, workshop or office.
- It is highly portable and easy to operate.
- You can set the temperature you would like and then let the radiator do its job, it will control the room temperature automatically. This is ideal as a low-cost heat source for lounges, bedrooms, and conservatories. Noiseless operation, Portable with Thermostat control and lightweight, easily moved from room to room to keep the cold away.

Product Features:
Compact, slimline design, thermostatically controlled & Lightweight

GVC Convector Heater DL01S
Product dimensions :- 57x40x13cm

- 2KW Convector Heater 3 Heat settings
- Illuminated control switch Adjustable thermostat Heater
- With carry handles, With Thermostat

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