A60 SMD Bulb Wifi/Bluetooth

A60 SMD Bulb Wifi/Bluetooth
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 Type: Bulb Wifi/Bluetooth E27Type: Bulb Wifi/Bluetooth  B22 
Our Price:  £21.99

A60 SMD Bulb Wifi/Bluetooth

Bulb Wifi/Bluetooth E27
Dimension: 7x7x13cm
Material :Plastic

Bulb Wifi/Bluetooth B22
Material :Plastic

Adapt your lighting to every imaginable situation with the LED Coloured Smart A60 Bulb. This next-generation light bulb will revolutionise the lighting in your home. You can create cosy lighting, bright daylight or a colourful display if you need a bit of colour in your life!
You’ll be amazed at all ways you can interact with your new Wiz light. Engineered with its own WiFi compatible 32-bit CPU chip you can control your Wiz Smart bulb from miles away, providing you have internet access! It’s possible to pair the Coloured A60 Smart Bulb with other IFTTT compatible products too so you can fully customise the lighting in your home. You can control your lighting with Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and more.
Your privacy is protected via anonymous sign-in and TLS 1.2 encrypted cloud connections. Transparent and forced upgrades ensure your Wiz Smart Bulb will always be up-to-date with the latest security requirements.

Whether you’re watching a film, having a party, working from home or even helping the kids get to sleep – our smart bulbs put the power in your hands. Simply install your 4lite smart bulbs, connect to wi-fi via the WiZ Connected app and start making light work for you. Control your lights wirelessly and remotely with the WiZ app or pair with your favourite voice control device including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. 4lite WiZ Connected products work with Samsung SmartThings and IFFFT too, just to name a few! Fire up your inner lighting designer to create beautiful scenes and atmospheres with our dynamic light modules, from the cosy hues of a “fireplace” to the mesmerising shades of “deep dive”, you’ll never want a standard bulb again. With 16 million colours at your fingertips, you can create the ambience to suit your mood and save your favourite shade for later. Automate your lighting. Our 4lite smart bulbs using the WiZ connected app can learn your rhythm and adapt the lighting to suit it.

Luminosity : 
-2,200K to 6,500K + RGB
-CRI 80
-25,000 lifetime hours
-50,000 switching cycles
-Non-directional light

Power and Connectivity : 
-220-240V 50Hz
-9W 75mA
-Encrypted cloud connection with TLS 1.2 security protocol
-Amazon Web Services, pre-subscribed for product’s lifetime
-Anonymous sign-in
-OAuth 2.0 secured framework
-Connection to WiFi on 2.4 GHz frequency mode for wider coverage
-32-bit CPU

Physical : 
-Heatsink: plastic and aluminium
-Bulb: Frosted

Create the perfect mood in your home with millions of colours and 64 thousand shades of white. Dimmable via the WiZ app, added functionality includes setting schedules, providing added home security, night lights, energy-saving and much more.

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