Adjustable Folding Laptop Stand

Adjustable Folding Laptop Stand
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Adjustable Folding Laptop Stand

Product Material: Aluminium
Product Dimensions : 29.2 x 6.4 x 53.3 cm

- Like so that T8 has the flexibility to sit, stand, kneel, squat. 
- According to different needs, different posture, according to local conditions, just right for you. 
- Gently press the button, joint to the soft, you can freely adjust the angle and height, then release the button, 
- The joint point of the hole is the same as an instant to be long term resident
- It is tough and flexible, can be due to different venues, different uses, different objects, such as Transformers Variety as its body. 
- The same as the lower limb has two legs, each leg has three stubs, as sub-human legs feet, legs, thighs the same

Product Features:

- This is a compact design, 
- Superb craftsmanship and user-friendly high laptop desk, the same time, 
- It also can be used for other purposes
- Side of the three can be rotated 360º folding legs
- Amazing dexterity, largely due to the self-locking joints
- Occasion: Sofa, Carpet, Grass Lawn, Desk, Bed 


Computer Desk, Drawing Board, Flower shelf. Object: Adults and children

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