Energizer Torches

Energizer Torches
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Type: Energizer LED Light TourchType: Energizer X Focus TorchType: Energizer Magnet LED TorchType: Energizer X Focus Torch with AA Batteries
Type: Energizer Personal Magnet LightType: Energizer 2AA Metal LED TorchType: Energizer Kids TorchType: Energizer Pocket Led Light Tourch
Type: Energizer BP112 Compact Blue Pocket TorchType: Energizer Lommelygte Compact LED TorchType: Energizer Keyring TorchType: Energizer Booklite Torch
Type: Energizer Waterproof TorchType: Energizer LED Touch Tech Torch
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Energizer Torches

1 - Energizer LED Light Tourch

Product dimension : 15x45x45cm

- Lightweight, ribbed design for secure grip
- Easy to operate: Easy to operate push-button switch
- Enhanced design: Up to 5x Brighter than ordinary LED technology with a long runtime
- Battery powered: Operates with 2 × AA batteries

2 - Energizer X Focus Torch

Product dimension : 15.8x35x35cm

- Adjustable focus beam with high distance and water resistance for outdoor use
- Well built: Long-lasting performance and shatterproof lens with a built-in lanyard loop
- Enhanced design: Compact, lightweight and up to 10x Brighter vs ordinary LED technology
- Battery powered: Works with a single AAA battery

3 - Energizer Magnet LED Torch

Product dimension : 20.3x12.7x12.7cm

- Runtime: 50 hrs - LED life: 8000 hrs.
- 1x Nichia LED
- Shatterproof Lens.
- Magnet secures light to any steel surface
- Includes 2x AA alkaline batteries.

4 - Energizer X Focus Torch with AA Batteries

Product dimension : 15.8x35x35cm

- Thin and lightweight LED torch operates on 2 Energizer MAX AA Batteries (included)
- Featuring twist-adjustable focus, this compact torch is ready for DIY projects, finding items under car seats, and more
- Torch delivers 45 hours of runtime and 50 lumens of light that's 10X brighter than ordinary LED technology
- This torch includes a lanyard loop, convenient to carry and easy to access in an emergency situation and more
- Durable small flashlight handles splashing water and drops of up to 1 meter, great for indoor and outdoor use

5 - Energizer Personal Magnet Light

Product dimension : 15x6x2cm

- A totally hands free and compact design
- Easy to attach: Magnetic fastening system makes it wearable as it attaches to any magnetic surface as well as clothes and bag straps
- Lens diffuser: Lens diffuser for area illumination
- Battery powered: 2x 2032 specialty batteries included

6 - Energizer 2AA Metal LED Torch

Product dimension : 18x8x5cm

- 5 Nichia LED
- Extremely Lightweight, you can take it anywhere
- Impact Resistance
- Works with 2x AA Batteries Included

7 - Energizer Kids Torch

Product dimension : 20x5.8x1.5cm

- Hands-free and designed to fit children’s heads perfectly
- Easy to adjust strap and padded light for extreme comfort and convenience
- The bright LED light makes it easy to see and play – for hours of great games
- Unsuitable for children under 3
- Works with 2×2032 Speciality batteries included

8 - Energizer Pocket Led Light Tourch

Product dimension : 10x5x2.3

- Lightweight: Compact and lightweight; ideal for pockets, purses and backpacks
- Easy to use: Simple to operate, with a slide switch and ergonomic shape for a comfortable hold
- Battery powered: 3x AAA alkaline batteries included

9 - Energizer BP112 Compact Blue Pocket Torch

Product dimension : 12x7x7cm

- The Energizer® Compact Torch is the ideal light for handbags and pockets.
- It has a large lens for a wide beam and a pressure switch designed for easy power on/off. The Compact Torch also has a convenient hanging hook to provide hands-free light when needed.
- Large lens for a wide beam
- Pressure switch designed for easy power on/off
- Convenient hanging hook
- Works with 1x 3R12 battery

10 - Energizer Lommelygte Compact LED Torch

Product dimension : 15x6x3cm

- Large Lens for a Wide Beam
- Pressure Switch Designed for an Easy Turn on/off
- Practical Hanging Hook
- Works with 1x 3R12 Speciality Battery

11 - Energizer Keyring Torch

Product dimension : 15x6x3cm

- LED technology: A bright LED light with a key ring attachment included
- Easy to use: Sleek and durable design with an easy to operate switch
- Battery powered: Operates on 2x 2016 coin batteries (included)

12 - Energizer Booklite Torch

Product dimension : 10x3x3cm

- Totally hand-free for a peaceful mind
- Flexible rubber neck to easily adjust light
- Wide opening to facilitate the reading on books, laptops & e-readers
- Very long run time to enable reading for hours
- Durable: Designed to Last 10 years

13 - Energizer Waterproof Torch

Product dimension : 20x9.7x6.4cm

- Waterproof 2AA
- Floats, so it’s ideal when you’re out on the water
- Impact-resistant 55 Lumens
- Durable, 35hrs water Resistant
- Works with 2x AA batteries, Incuded

14 - Energizer LED Touch Tech Torch

Product dimension : 20x9.7x6.4cm

- A new handheld light Energizer LED Touch Tech Flashlight aims to differentiate from current flashlight offerings by providing a unique touch technology. Intuitive and functional an experience as simple as grasping the light to turn on and releasing to gradually deactivate
- Switch On when the body is gripped – Switch Off when the body is released
- One hand operation for easiness of use
- Robust body with metal inserts on both sides
- Designed to last 10 years
- Works with 2xAA alkaline with Try me feature included

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