Digital LCD Display Coin Counting Jar

Digital LCD Display Coin Counting Jar
 Digital LCD Display Coin Counting JarDigital LCD Display Coin Counting Jar 
Our Price:  £18.99

Digital LCD Display Coin Counting Jar

Product Dimensions: 17x17x11.5 cm
Product material: plastic

Liquid Crystal Display: Coin bank provide automatic identification of currency value, cumulative display of amount.

Easily fit into the slot on money bank: Tracks your saving with each deposit, Watch your money grow!

Digital counting money jar: Easily set the amount, making it possible to deposit banknotes. Press the set button to start the set, and press the +/— button to adjust the amount.

-Automatically counts and stores inserted change
-Large LCD Display keeps the total amount of deposits
-Accepts Pennies, Dimes, Nickels, and Quarters
-Makes Money Saving Easy and Fun
-Convenient Carry Handle built on Jar
-It accurately counts your money and displays the total for every deposit.

Steps To Use: 
-Open the money-saving jar, open the battery case with a screwdriver
-Put two AA batteries into the battery box(not included)
-Put your money into the jar, the display screen will show your number of money.

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