Tobar Robo Alive

Tobar Robo Alive
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Type: Tobar Robo Alive Lizard - BlueType: Tobar Robo Alive Lizard - RedType: Tobar Robo Alive Snake - Green
Type: Tobar Robo Alive Snake - RedType: Tobar Robo Alive Spider
Our Price:  £30.99

Product dimension:40x13x10cm

Age restriction : Not for below 3years.
2 AA batteries required (included).

Tobar Robo Alive Lizard

-Robotic lizard toy that runs across the floor.
-Flick the switch on this lizard and its hind legs will spring to life, sprinting forward at a rapid pace just like a real reptile. Catch up to the lizard and tilt its head upwards to pause the action
-Catch up to the lizard and tilt its head upwards to pause the action, allowing you to pick it up by its lifelike rubber tail
-Its body features a blue and green design
-Available Colours - Blue,Red

Tobar Robo Alive Snake

-Lifelike robotic snake toy with realistic moving parts
-Flick the switch on its head and the toy springs to life, with its segmented body slithering along the floor just like a snake would
-As it moves the snake's tongue flickers and its eyes move, just like the real reptile.
-Available colours - Green,Red

Tobar Robo Alive Spider

Product dimension: 20x10x10cm

- Robotic Enhanced Motion
- Realistic Colouration
- Super fast movement
- Freaky, furry spider body!
- Creepy! Crawly! And Super Scary!


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