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Scholl Express Pedi

Scholl Express Pedi
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Scholl Express PediScholl Express PediScholl Express Pedi
Scholl Express PediScholl Express PediScholl Express Pedi
Our Price:  £39.99

Scholl Express Pedi electric hard skin remover has been specifically developed to enable the professional removal of hard skin from the feet, right in your own home. The skin on your feet is designed to withstand the day-to-day pressure of walking and standing, but sometimes prolonged pressure or friction from ill-fitting shoes can cause hard skin to build up. Footcare for healthy feet is important: after all, they're with you throughout your life. Attractively and ergonomically designed, the Express Pedi's special roller surface makes it easy to effectively get rid of unsightly and sometimes uncomfortable hard skin safely. Tiny microgranuals embedded into the Express Pedi's roller gently buff away hard skin, without the need for blades.

Scholl Pedi Roller:

High: 16.5 cm

Max width 7.5 cm

File high: 2 cm

File width: 4.5 cm

Material: 50% Plastic, 50% Silicon

  • Efficient, fast and effortless, leaving the skin smooth and soft right after the use.
  • Safe
  • Hygienic with special antimicrobial treatment
  • Modern, ergonomic and premium design

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