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Set Of 3 Massage Balls

Set Of 3 Massage Balls
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 Set Of 3 Massage BallsSet Of 3 Massage Balls 
Our Price:  £14.99

The 3 piece massage ball set is a variable trigger release for use in your own home. The 3 differing hardness levels allow for either mild, medium or aggressive massage to the selected target area.

How does it work?

  • By utilising the weight of your own body to create the desired amount of pressure the Trigger Point balls activate and release tiny knots that develop in muscles through injury or overuse.To massage the glutes and lower back start by simply sitting on the ball in the desired target area; for the calves and thighs sit or lie on the floor whilst applying pressure on the ball with the lower extremities. To massage the shoulders and upper back stand with the ball between you and the wall to apply pressure or target the neck by applying the ball by hand.

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