Hibou Smart Pet Interactive Owl

Hibou Smart Pet Interactive Owl
 Hibou Smart Pet Interactive OwlHibou Smart Pet Interactive Owl 
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Hibou Smart Pet Interactive Owl

Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 15cm 

APP interaction: You can make hamburgers, feed Hibou,to help him take a bath, brush the teeth,get an injection and take medicine
Voice exchanges: Hibou can understand and reply to you
Touch reaction: To scratch the head, belly,left hand and right hand of Hibou and it will have different reactions and rich movements
Eye expressions: Rich expressions (joy, anger, sorrow and happines......)can be shown in the eyes and mouth of Hibou along with body movements
Singing function: Hibou can sing beautiful songs and dance to the music
Story function: Hibou can share many interesting stories and wisdom joles with you
Place reminding: It will feel dizzy and remind you when you put Hibou to its side or upside down
Sleep function: Hibou will remind and then snore if nobody plays with it. It will fall sleep after 20 seconds, only after you wake it up
Talk back function: Scratch the belly of Hibou and wait until it stop languing, then talk to him,it can repeat what you say. That's very interesting

- Key design: The human body induction touch
- Material: ABS + plush material
- IC ROM: 512K Byte
- SPI Memory: 16M BIT(1M Byte)
- Body Touch: To fulfill different functions by touch the head, belly, left hand and right hand
- Intelligent Interaction: Interact with smart mobile phone and tablets
- Continuous working hours: 5-6 hours
- 4 AA Batteries required (not include)

Get the FREE Hibou APP
1.Android 4.0 device or later required, download from Google Play Store
2.IOS system, download from APP Store or scan QR code

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