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New Garden Games
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Type: Large 4PC Horse Shoe GameType: Tin Can AlleyType: Giant Draught and Chess
Type: Inflatable Velcro 50cm Target With 3 Velcro Tennis BallsType: Family Racket And Net Set
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Large 4PC Horse Shoe Game
EAN : 5025572257626
RB code : R142264

- Product Dimensions - 37 x 30 x 5 cm
- Material Type : Plastic

- This traditional American game has given decades of fun to young and old alike.
- Test your skill at throwing accurately
- Ideal for parties and gatherings
- Ideal for using in the garden or beach

Tin Can Alley -
EAN : 5033849042219
RB code : R143129

- Product Dimensions 21x39.5x7 cm
- Material Type : Aluminium

- Make this old fairground favourite the perfect addition to a party or child's playtime.
- Simply stack the cans up and try to knock them down with the bags provided.
- The game is highly addictive, and is perfect for any age player - from young to old.
- The game can easily be played inside or out and is compact and light making it very easy to
- pack up and take on holiday or to a friend's house.

Giant Draught and Chess
EAN : 5033849042295
RB code : R143128

- Product Dimensions81.5 x 81.5 x 2 cm
- Material Type : Plastic

- A Classic Game Of Draughts...But Just A Bit Larger Than Normal!!
- A Game To Show Off Your Strategy Skills
- Suitable for 2 or more players
- Age 3+

Inflatable Velcro 50cm Target With 3 Velcro Tennis Balls 
EAN : 5050565255433
RB code : R143124

dimensions 43x29x10 cm
Product Material:- Velcro

- This inflatable velcro tennis ball game is great for kids.
- Easy to assemble, easy to play, hard to get bored of! A wonderful new alternative
- To traditional garden games.

Family Racket And Net Set
EAN : 5033849042363
RB code : R143127

Dimensions 57x26x8.5 cm
- Material Type : Plastic

- Fun outdoor game for all family!

Set includes:
- Two Rackets
- Two Balls
- Two Big Shuttlecocks
- Net Set - 2.4 m Wide

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