Tobar Dinosaur Fun Fizzer With Giant Egg

Tobar Dinosaur Fun Fizzer With Giant Egg
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 Type: Tobar Dinosaur Fun FizzerType: Tobar Dinosaur Giant Egg 
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* Tobar Dinosaur Fun Fizzer : 

Package Dimension : 14x10x3cm

FUN FIZZER: Each dinosaur fizzes, coloring the water and creating a pleasant child-friendly aroma. Within each dinosaur is a magical egg that slowly dissolves to set free an adorable dino figure.
MAGICAL EGGS: It's Always a Surprise with either a Triceratops, Pterodactyl, or T-rex emerging from their egg.
SAFE TO USE: Because we want your kid to have fun but not at the price of their health, we have created a special formula that is hypoallergenic and odor-free so your little one is going to be safe from harmful ingredients.
PERFECT FOR GIFT: If your child is at the age where he or she is invited to the first birthday parties, picking the right present for the birthday can be tricky. Tobar fun fizzer dinosaur eggs set can be the perfect gift for kids.

* Key Features :

- Dinosaur Fun Fizzer egg dissolves in water to reveal a dino figure.
- Drop your egg into warm water and watch it fizz.
- Individually plastic wrapped for hygiene.

* Tobar Dinosaur Giant Egg : 

Product dimension : 10 x 5 x 5cm

The giant egg that hatches to reveal a growing dinosaur. Place the egg in a container filled with water and wait for a few hours to see the egg begin to hatch. After a couple of days, a dinosaur will have broken free from the egg and start to grow in its place. Keep the dinosaur in water and it will continue to grow up to 15 cm in seven days.

* Key Features :
Hatching dinosaur egg
The shell breaks apart in water

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