Tobar Mermaid Bundle

Tobar Mermaid Bundle
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Type: Mermaid Glitter BatonType: Mermaid Pencil with EraserType: Mermaid Seashell FizzerType: Mermaid Magic Poo
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Tobar Mermaid Bundle

*Product Description :-

1.Mermaid Glitter Baton

Product dimensions :- 45.8 x 4.2 x 1.6 cm

- Glitter filled baton
- Liquid-filled tube keeps glitter moving
- Mermaid motif inside
- Available with pink and purple end pieces
- 46cm long
- Liquid-filled baton with a mermaid motif and glitter.
- This plastic tube features coloured caps on either end and can be used in a variety of ways including games, dancing and baton twirling. .
- The glitter sparkles and shifts around the tube in front of a scene that's packed with mermaids.
- Available with both purple and pink end pieces.

2.Mermaid Pencil with Eraser

Product dimension :- 1 x 1 x 20 cm

- Mermaid themed pencil one sent at random
- Underwater themed eraser topper
- Suitable for ages 3 plus
- Pencil measures 19cm approx

3.Tobar Mermaid Seashell Fizzer

Product dimensions :- 10x14x3.2cm

- Seashell that fizzes in water to reveal a mermaid toy.
- Drop the shell into water and it will rapidly fizz and bubble, gradually revealing a plastic mermaid figure.
- Fizzing seashell
- Dissolves and bubbles in water
- Reveals mermaid toy

4.Tobar Mermaid Magic Poo

Product dimensiosn :- 12x17x2.5cm 65g

- Mermaid Magic Poo is blue, glittery and super stretchy
- Tub of Magic Mermaid Poo.
- The glittery oceanic putty inside can be stretched, squeezed and moulded into many different shapes.
- Put it back in the tub between uses and it stays fresh for next time.
- Tub of mermaid poo
- Blue and glittery putty
- Stretch, bend and mould it
- Includes storage tub
- Tub 7cm

Suitable Age:- 3+

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