Tobar Robo Alive Pets and Play Sets Fish or Turtles Assorted

Tobar Robo Alive Pets and Play Sets Fish or Turtles Assorted
 Type: Robotic Pets Fish or Turtles AssortedType: Robotic Pets Playset Fish or Turtles Assorted 
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Tobar Robo Alive Pets and Play Sets Fish or Turtles Assorted

1.Tobar Robo Alive - Robotic Pets Fish or Turtles Assorted

Product Description:-

- Micro-robotic technology delivers enhanced, realistic swimming movements

Clownfish & Angler Monster Features:
- 3 color assortments
- 100% waterproof
- Water-activated, 5 swimming directions, up, down, left, right and forwards
- Robo-advance power save mode, meaning they automatically switch off after 4 minutes in water and re-awake once dried and placed back in water

Turtle Functionality & Features
- Duel functioning: Walk on land and swims on water
- Two realistic color assortments
- Micro-robotic technology, multiple swimming speeds
- Water Activated + Power save Modern Brands Comes loaded with 2 XLR44 batteries included

2.Tobar Robo Alive - Robotic Pets Playset Fish or Turtles Assorted

ROBO ALIVE CLOWNFISH 'N BOWL Make a splash with ROBO ALIVE pets! Real ROBOTIC Technology that activates when you place them in water. Little Clownfish swims, races and explores around its tank just like a real FISH! Water-activated Robotic Fish dives up to 6ft! Batteries included! Collect them all! Key Features: - CLOWNFISH FEATURES: - 100% waterproof & Water Activated - 5 swimming directions: Up, down, left, right and forwards - Realistic color assortments - Robo-Advance 'power save'; switch off after 4 minutes

- Single Robo Fish aquatic robot toy with a fish tank playset
- Drop Robo Fish into a bowl of water and it springs to life, swimming in a way that's almost indistinguishable from a real fish
- Remove it from water and dry to deactivate, ready for use next time.
- Each pack contains one Robo Fish with batteries, spare batteries, and a clear plastic Robo Fishbowl.

ROBO ALIVE - Turtle Playset

- Complete your Robo Alive aquarium with the Real-Live Turtle and Tank.
- The incredible Real-Live Robotic Pet technology works on land but is also activated by water so that when itís placed in the included, foldable turtle tank, your little Turtle will swim around with Real-Live fin movements.
- Watch the Turtle explore in every direction and dive from the included turtle island or take it in the bath for even more waterproof fun.
- Collect other Robo Alive Real-Live Robotic Pets to keep your Turtle company.
- A realistic robot friend for 3 and over.

Feautures :-
- 2 XLR44 batteries included

Suitable Age:- 3+

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