Tobar Sloth Buddy

Tobar Sloth Buddy
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 Type: Tobar Pooing Sloth Bag Buddy eType: Tobar Bendy Sloth 
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Tobar Sloth Buddy

Tobar Pooing Sloth Bag Buddy :-

Product Dimension:- 5x3.5x3.5 cm

-Collectible bag clip that features a squeezy sloth
figure. Squish the dozing mammal and a bubble of
poop will grow from it's rear end, which retreats
again when you loosen your grip. Available in brown
and tan designs.
-Bag clip with a sloth
-Poops when squeezed
-Clips to most bags and keyrings
-Two different designs

Tobar Bendy Sloth :-

Product dimension :- 13x10x2.2 cm

-Cute sloth figure with bendy arms and legs. Pose
the sloth however you want and its limbs will stay
in place, meaning it can be left in the same
position for as long as desired. Stand it on three
or four legs, or wrap his limbs around a verticalor
horizontal fixing for that authentic sloth-like
hanging pose.
-Flexible sloth figure
-Limbs bend and stay in place
-Create a variety of poses

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