Tobar Unicorn Bundle

Tobar Unicorn Bundle
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Type: Unicorn Magic PuttyType: Growing Hatching UnicornType: Unicorn Balloon Ball Bounce
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Tobar Unicorn Bundle

*Product Description :-

1. Unicorn Magic Putty

Product Material:- Plastic Putty
Product Dimension:- W4.2*H6.2*L4.7

- Unicorn Sparkling Putty that contains a plastic unicorn figure
- Tub of putty with a plastic unicorn inside. Pop the lid off of the drum to reveal a sparkling pool of goo within.
- Reach in with your fingers or pour it out into your hand and you'll find a cool unicorn figure inside.
- This pocket money toy combines two of our most popular lines, putty and unicorns, into one great item!
- Available in four different colours.
- Tub of sparkling putty
- Contains unicorn figure
- Container keeps goo fresh
- Available in four colours
- 6cm
- Putty is fully tested, non-toxic and safe

2.Growing Hatching Unicorn

Product Dimensions:- 7 x 8 x 10 cm

- Novelty growing unicorn
- Submerge tree stump in water
- Unicorn grows over 4-7 days
- 6.5cm wide
- Colours vary, comes in light blue and pink
- One sent at random

3.Unicorn Balloon Ball Bounce

Product dimensions :- 16 x 13 x 3 cm

- Inflatable ball shaped like a unicorn.
- Push the straw into the base of the unicorn and then blow into the other end to inflate it.
- Once inflated to the desired size, remove the straw and the Unicorn Ball will stay at that size.
- Throw the ball, bounce it around and squish the air-filled balloon and it will retain its size and shape.
- Reinsert the straw and the air will leave the balloon again, deflating it ready for next time.

Suitable Age:- 3+

Product EAN:-

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