Duracell Ultra Power AA & AAA Batteries

Duracell Ultra Power AA & AAA Batteries
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Duracell Ultra Power AA & AAA Batteries

Product Dimension:- 18x12x2cm
Material:- 1.5v Alkaline

Duracell Ultra Power alkaline batteries are our #1 longest-lasting batteries, enabled with high-density core* and ideal for high-drain devices. 

POWERCHECK™ allows you to check the remaining power at a glance, avoiding unnecessary interruptions, while Dura lock Power Preserve technology keeps unused batteries fresh.

They have up to 10 years of in-storage guarantee with Duralock Power Preserve technology so you can be confident these lithium coin batteries will be ready when you need them.

Features & Benefits :
-Power Check
-Device Performance
-Leakage prevention

Product Details :
-Value pack of eight AA alkaline batteries
-High-performance cathode technology
-Especially suited to cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, PDAs, grooming, and toys
-Includes power check, an integrated tester that always lets you know how much power is left in your battery
-Duracell ultra power is the most powerful Duracell battery ever, giving more energy, efficiency, and power

Safety Warning :
-Keep away from children.
-Extreme temperature performance.
-Caution: Install correctly. Do not disassemble, recharge or dispose of in fire.
-If swallowed, seek medical advice at once.

RB Code :- R164599
EAN Code :- 5000394002548

RB Code :- R164600
EAN Code :- 5000394002746

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