Bestway Fantastic Aquarium Play centre

Bestway Fantastic Aquarium Play centre
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Bestway Fantastic Aquarium Play centreBestway Fantastic Aquarium Play centreBestway Fantastic Aquarium Play centre
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Bestway Fantastic Aquarium Play centre

Product Dimension: 40x40x9cm
Material: PVC

Play with the sea animals in the Bestway Fantastic Aquarium Play Center! Kids will have a blast swimming with the dolphin, clown fish and octopus. Plus, they can toss the included rings onto its tentacles! Attach a garden hose and the palm tree will spray water onto kids for additional fun and to keep them cool while they play in the sun. Kids can glide down the detachable slide into the play pool. The play center also has an easy-to-use drain valve to release the pool water so you can easily clean up and store the pool when you are done with it. For the ultimate summer full of fun, you and your kids need the Bestway Fantastic Aquarium Play Center!

Features :

-Water sprayer attaches to garden hose
-Removable slide with tie ropes and built-in grommets
-Releases pool water with the easy-to-use drain valve
-Water capacity: 308 L (81 gals.)
-Safety valves
-Size inflated: 239 x 206 x 86 cm
-Size uninflated: 201 x 201 cm

Preparation: Installation of a small swimming pool usually takes only 10 minutes with 1 people Recommendations regarding placement of the pool. It is essential the pool is set up on the solid, level ground. If the pool is set up on uneven ground it can cause the collapse of the pool and flooding, causing serious personal injury and/or damage to personal property. Setting up on uneven ground will void the warranty and service claims. Do not set up on driveways, decks, platforms, gravel, or asphalt. The ground should be firm enough to withstand the pressure of the water; mud, sand, soft/loose soil, or tar are not suitable. The ground must be cleared of all objects and debris including stones and twigs.

Assembly: Open the water valve to fill water in the water chamber. Open the safety valves and inflate the parts one by one. Be sure to close the valves after inflation. The air pump is not included. NOTE: Do not overinflate. Do not use either an air compressor or compressed air. Tie the slide to the pool with the provided ropes to the relevant grommets. Connect your garden hose to the Hose Adapter. Slowly fill the pool to a proper water level, if there is a fill line, reach but do not exceed the fill line on the pool's interior. DO NOT OVERFILL as this could cause the pool to collapse.

Cleaning and Storage: After use, use a damp cloth to gently clean all surfaces. Note: Never use solvents or other chemicals that may damage the product. Air-dry the pool, once the pool is completely dry, fold the pool carefully and put it back to its original packing. If the pool is not completely dry, mold may result and will damage the pool. Store in a cool, dry place and out of children’s reach. Check the product for damage at the beginning of each season and at regular intervals when in use.

Box Contains :

-1x Bestway 239 x 206 x 86 cm Fantastic Aquarium Water Play Center
-1x slide, 1x Dolphin, 2x Clown Fish, 1x Octopus, 2x starfish, 
-Repair kit
-1x Installation and Safety Instructions

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